How to Recover from a Failed Pick up Line?

We would have used pick up lines at least once in our lifetime and also have faced rejections due to failed pick up lines at some point. If you have ever come across such a situation and want to avoid repeating it in the future, you’re on the right page. You will be surprised to learn that there are some effective ways that you can employ to stop the pick up line from backfiring on you. 

You can recover from a failed pick up line if you employ the strategies we are going to share with you in this article. Whether you are looking to ace your dating or enhance your communication skills, the tips we are going to share here will help you bypass awkward situations effortlessly. So, without further ado, start reading!

Tips to Recover From A Failed Pick Up Line 

Check out the tips to recover from a failed pick up line instantly.

How to Recover from a Failed Pick up Line
How to Recover from a Failed Pick up Line

1. No Excuses Please

It is obvious for anyone to feel embarrassed all of a sudden when you get rejected just because of a pick up line you have used, but it happens a lot of times with a lot of people. Whatever your intention is, if the other person seems disturbed or disinterested in your conversations, make sure to cut it off instantly. Also, don’t make any excuses as they can create a negative impact on the other person.

You may not come up with the right excuse all the time and it may misfire at you if you go wrong with your choice of words in the heat of the moment. So, better not make any excuses to cover up what you said earlier. If the other person responds negatively to your pick up line, simply smile and move away from there. By doing so, you are leaving a positive impact on them that you care for their opinion.

2. Handle It Lightheartedly

Another tip you can use to recover from a failed pick up line is to handle the situation lightheartedly. If you understand that the situation is turning awkward you must immediately act and take it in stride. This will help you tackle the situation easily without letting the other person feel pressurized or embarrassed. When you laugh at your own pick up line, the other person has no option other than to laugh at it and forget it there and then.

When you want to make a joke of your own pick up line if it misfires at you, you have to be appropriate with the joke you are playing. You have to make sure that it doesn’t go overboard. Here, the intention is to cool the atmosphere and make it comfortable for the other person. 

3. Change the Topic

The best thing to do when your pick up line fails is to change the topic immediately. You can easily evade the awkward moment by changing the subject. You can ask about themselves like their interests and share your interests if they match with theirs. It can immediately shift their focus onto another topic and you can start a new conversation altogether. Remember, your conversations matter a lot and a failed pick up line cannot halt you from talking further. 

4. Be Authentic

As soon as you find that your pick up line has fallen flat, bring on the authentic side of you to the rescue. Being genuine is the decent thing you can do at that moment. Instead of using more pick up lines and confusing the other person, try to be authentic in your words. Don’t let a mere pick up line change the entire situation and put you in a bad light. Being genuine can turn out to be a blessing in disguise for you.

5. Experience is the Best Lesson

Our own experiences teach us a lot and we have to be ready to learn from them, only then we can rework our shortcomings and improve on the aspects to become a better version of ourselves. If the pick up line badly fails, the lesson you should learn from that is not to use such lines anytime in the future. You have to look for other ways to break the ice. This can help you establish healthy relationships. 

6. Be Open to Constructive Criticism

If the other person makes constructive comments on your pick up lines as a response, accept them gracefully. Listen to them actively and try to respond respectfully. Who knows, your open-mindedness may attract the other person. You may still have a chance for a cup of tea which may later turn out to be a date. So, don’t get offended by receiving feedback from the other person. 


Remember that not every pick up line will land you up on a date. You have to work a lot on different aspects to make things work in a relationship. Talking about pick up lines, they can be great conversation starters and nothing more than that. Just because your pick up line failed badly, it doesn’t mean you are not fit to date anyone. It is just that the situation, the person and the pick up line you used didn’t align. 

Learn from your mistakes and try to avoid repeating them in the future so that you never get to consult this page again. Move forward with a positive attitude and you will definitely meet that special someone soon. If you find our article helpful, bookmark our website – 99pickuplines. You will get to read a lot of interesting content on pick up lines here.

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