How To Respond To Pick Up Lines?

Pick up lines are often used to land in smooth conversations with strangers. They are widely used in dating scenarios and youngsters are well-versed with their use. With a diverse variety of pick up lines available, it is important to know how to use them and where to use them. Another important aspect that one should have a good eye for is how to respond to pick up lines. Yeah, responding to the pick up lines is equally essential to delivering them.

If you often encounter pick up lines, you must wonder about how to respond to them. We must say that there are tons of ways to respond to a pick up line and also there are factors like the type of pick up line and the situation it is used that must be considered. With a plethora of pick up lines available, we are here to help you find out the ways to respond to any given pick up line. Read these responses thoroughly and get ready to say them as and when needed when someone tries to hit on you.

Ways To Respond To Pick Up Lines

Here are some ways that you can rely on when you are in dire need to respond to a pick up line.

How To Respond To Pick Up Lines
How To Respond To Pick Up Lines
  • Keep the Dialogue Flowing: If you find the pick up line delivered by the other person interesting and want to go with the flow and take the conversation to the next level, use a flirty or cheesy pick up line in response. 
  • Respond with Wit: If someone tries to hit on you with a cheesy pick up line and you want to tease them too, respond with wit. Choose a witty pick up line and deliver it with a wink to leave the other person in splits.
  • Keep a Pick Up Line Handy: If you cannot spontaneously cook up a pick up line yourself, you just at least by heart a pick up line which you can use in emergencies. You can keep a couple of pick up lines up your sleeve to use them when needed.
  • Send Tons of Pick Up Lines: If the pick up line sent to you appears to be in a teasing tone, you should send them tons of teasing pick up lines as a response. This would result in a funny banter which you both could enjoy indulging in.
  • One More Please: If you want to read more of such pick up lines ask them to send more. They would be more than happy to share their treasure of picking lines with you.
  • Feign Ignorance: If you don’t want to give them any further chance and wish to cut the conversation there and then, feign ignorance. Act as if you do not know what they are saying. 
  • Rate their Pick Up Line: Try rating their pick up line on a scale of 10. They would understand how you received the pick up just by looking at the rating.
  • Ask them to Change the Pick Up Line: If you don’t find the pick up line interesting, but you still want the conversation to be ongoing, ask them to send a different pick up line. Ask them to cut the crap out and send you a pick up line that has nothing to do with cheesiness.
  • Error Message Would Serve Better: If you want to make fun of the other person, especially on dating apps, you can compose a crazy Error Message and send it to them as a response to their pick up line. 
  • Send them a GIF: GIFs are quite popular and are a great way to convey your thoughts easily. Find the GIF that best suits your response and send it to them. 
  • Old is Gold: Teasing is a part and parcel of dating. If you want to tease the other person you can rely on the old style of response and simply say that you don’t have their number and ask them “Who is this?” This would blow their mind for a second.
  • Tell him You Heard it Umpteen Times Earlier: If you want to cut him out and end the conversation quickly, you can simply say that you heard the line umpteen times before. He would be left with no reply and would shut his mouth automatically. 
  • Send them an Emoji: Emojis are a lot more expressive than words and with plenty of emojis available you can pick appropriate emoji as a response to the pick up line you received.
  • Ask them a Riddle: If you find the other person fascinating you can go ahead and ask him to solve a riddle for you to keep the conversation going. You can be creative and ask him tricky questions regarding his personal life without giving him the hint that you are interested in him.
  • Can You go Over that Again?: If the other person sent you a lame pick up line, the best thing you can do is to ask him to go over that again. He will understand how bad his pick up line is when he has to repeat it. 
  • Be Direct: If you want to be straight with your response, just go ahead. Simply say that you are not interested in such stuff and ask him not to waste his time on you.
  • Block Them: If you find the pick up line too creepy and awkward to respond, simply block the other person. If you have had an in-person conversation you can politely ask them to leave as you don’t find their conversation respectful.
  • Give Them Time: If you are too old to pick up lines and find that the other person hitting on you is new to them, give them some time as they may be feeling nervous at the moment. Ask them to relax and change the subject if you want to continue the dialogue.
  • No Pick Up Lines Please: If you are already into the person, ask them not to worry about the pick up lines. Tell them that you are already attracted to them and that they need not take the suffering of delivering the pick up lines to attract you.
  • Smile: A smile can make the situation better for you both. If you cannot find words to respond to the pick up line, you can simply put a smile on your face and tackle the situation like a pro. Smiling doesn’t mean that you are positive to the pick up line they said, but you are easing the situation and the awkwardness between you two.
  • Show Him What You Got: If you are longing to throw your pick up lines at someone and you think the right time and the right person has come, don’t stop anymore. Show him what you got and send him the pick up lines you have compiled for someone special. 


How you respond to the pick up lines makes an enormous difference in the conversations. If you want to take the relationship further, you have to be mindful of your response. You have to quickly conclude your response by considering the situation, the person and the context under which it is said. We would solely suggest you do as your heart says and respond how you want to respond. That’s it for today folks! If you find this article immersing, do lend us your support by bookmarking our website – You can find a huge bunch of articles on pick up lines here.

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