20 Best Pick Up Line For Book Lovers

Romancing and dating has taken leaps and bounds over the years. In the olden days, poems were hugely rendered and later on, people started showering compliments to express their feelings. If you by chance are a book lover who admires book reading over anything you just give this article a definite read. You will find a lot of intriguing collections of pick up for book lovers here. These pick up lines are very lighthearted and will leave no stone unturned in getting you a date with your special someone.

If you are fond of reading a lot of books, but you cannot get appropriate lines from them to use on your crush, our pickp lines can aid you in getting the job done. You can have a ball in your relationship with these pick up lines. You can also use these pick up lines to ignite the lost part in your relationship with your man/woman. These lines are romantic, funny, flirty, dirty, and more. So, you have to pick accordingly considering your equation with the other person as well as the situation.

Pick Up Line for Book Lovers

If you are a bookworm you must be well-versed with a lot of amusing liners to use on girls. If you are searching for a more unique collection of pick up lines to include in your conversations, you can give our pick up lines about books a read. You will gape at them with awe and assure you that from our end. Don’t just beat around the bush if you want to make someone fall for you badly. Use these pick up lines that are solely written for the book readers.

Pick Up Lines For Book Lovers
Pick Up Lines For Book Lovers

For those who find solace in reading books, these pick up lines can come in handy. If the person you admire and want to approach for a romantic relationship, you can use these pick up lines readily. Unlike the regular pick up lines, these pick up lines for book lovers are designed with great creativity. If you want to impress someone who is an avid book reader, these pick up lines work like magic. You can effortlessly impress them on the go by sending or sharing these pick up lines with them when you feel like asking for a date.

  1. You are like a good novel—I just can’t get you out of my head.
  2. Allow me to be your book. Read me, understand me, acknowledge me, and handle me with care.
  3. Is that a hardcover, or are you just happy to see me?
  4. You’re the book that makes me want to fill my empty pages.
  5. Are you the limited edition Harry Potter hardbound book? Because I can’t look away from you and it seems magical?
  6. I like books, you like books, why don’t we start writing the story of us?
  7. Is your name Scarlett? Because when I saw you, my heart was gone with the wind.
  8. I know I’m not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but one glance at you and I’m already interested.
  9. Can you read my mind with the same passion that you have while reading books? It has ‘LOVE’ written all over it.
  10. Baby, if you were words on a page, you’d be what they call fine print!
  11. Are you a romance novel? Because you look like my happily ever after.
  12. Are you an overdue book? Because you have fine written all over you!
  13. Did I just step into an E. M. Forster novel? Because any room with you in it is A Room with a View.
  14. We could make such a beautiful library together.
  15. Charles Dickens might have given you Great Expectations, but I can meet them.
  16. Let’s reserve a room in the library and study with each other.
  17. I have a library card—do you mind if I check you out?
  18. I like paper and you like Kindle. So let’s get together, baby, and start a fire.
  19. I’m like a good thriller; once I start you won’t want me to stop.
  20. Hey girl, are you a book about an interesting topic? Because I’d love to sit down with you and get to know you better with some coffee.


Remember to raise the bar in your dating game with our pick up lines. Make the most out of the pick up lines we have shared here on this page. May the literary shower upon you its bliss for a long while. With these pick up lines in hand, you are not so far from getting the love of your life. You and your lover can soon have a blast reading these pick up lines together. If you find this article and our pick up lines collection helpful, bookmark our website – 99pickuplines.net. We ought to update this page often with a handful of diverse pick up lines for our readers that come back to us for fresh content.  

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