50+ Pick Up Lines For Her: Cute, Cheesy, and Funny

Not everyone has a flair for communication skills. It is indeed a precious gift from God to be able to interact so well. However, there is always a way out for people to make their interactions interesting. If you are wondering what it is, pick up lines are what we are referring to. Yes! As you may know, pick up lines can be of great help for those who always find it difficult to put their feelings into words. 

If you are madly in love with a girl, but struggle to find the right words to convey your heart to her, give our Pick Up Lines For Her a read. You can get a lot of inspiration from these pick up lines so that you can make the most impressive move. These assorted pick up lines will cater to different personalities allowing you to select the most find favorable pick up lines for your girl.

Pick Up Lines For Her

You cannot go wrong with pick up lines, until and unless you mind your boundaries. As pick up lines are mainly used as attention grabbers and conversation starters, they are widely used by the youngsters to seal a date with their crush. 

Pick Up Lines for Her
Pick Up Lines for Her

If you don’t want to take the risk, but still want to lock the date with your girl you have been eyeing for a long time, Smooth Pick Up Lines For Her are a perfect choice. You need not worry about the outcome while using smooth pick up lines on your girl.

My mom said she found a beautiful and intelligent girl for me. Is that you?

If you let me borrow a kiss, I promise I will give it right back!

I’m not a hoarder, but I really want to keep you forever.

We’re not socks, but I think we’d make a great pair.

Even if there was no gravity on planet Earth, I would still fall for you.

The sparkle is so bright in your eyes–the sun is jealous.

People say Disneyworld is the happiest place on earth, but they clearly haven’t spent time with you.

How does it feel to be so gorgeous?

I feel like a snowflake because I fall and melt for you.

There is nothing sweeter than the beauty of your face.

Cheesy Pick Up Lines For Her

To kick-start a conversation with a girl, you have to look for pick up lines that are cheesy. Though they are associated with some sort of risk, you can still make them work by delivering them in style. You have to first analyze her intellect before picking a cheesy pick up line for her. 

If she is someone who appreciates cheesy stuff, you can go ahead and deliver the best Cheesy Pick Up Lines For Her from our collection. If she is not so into cheesy stuff, you have to be mindful while choosing the pick up line for her.

Give God a call, because I’m seeing his angel down on earth.

I’d say, ‘God bless you,’ but it looks like he already did.

Can I show your profile to my friends to prove that angels really do exist?

Hope you are good at leading the way; I keep getting lost in the depths of your deep blue eyes.

I may not be a genie, but I can make your dreams come true.

There is just one thing I want to change: your last name.

What do you do for a living other than taking my breath away?

Is there a rainbow today? I just found the treasure I’ve been searching for.

Have we met? You look exactly like my next partner!

I wish I could see double because then I can see you twice.

Funny Pick Up Lines For Her

The best way to have interesting conversations is by including some fun. You have to be funny enough with your words that the other person should not be left with no other choice other than to laugh. If you want to make your first impressions last long, check our  Funny Pick Up Lines For Her that we have curated here on this page. 

Funny pick up lines are the most admired pick lines by the girls as they make them laugh out loud. You must know by now that girls like guys with a good sense of humor. If your ultimate motive is to be in their good books, you have to check these funny pick up lines to find some good inspiration.

Do you have a special place in mind? Because I’d go anywhere with you.

To quote the poet Katy Perry, “You make me feel like I am living a teenage dream!

I’m no fairy tale writer, but I can imagine us building a life together.

Can you help me locate an airport nearby, my heart is ready to take off.

Are you a goldfish? Because you are a snack that smiles back.

Did you swallow magnets? Because you are attractive.

Are you a UFO? Because you just abducted my heart.

Are you a camera? Why do I smile when I look at you?

Well, I was just trying to enjoy my drink/food, but you are very distracting!

Your eyes are the color of the ocean, and I love getting lost in them.

Cute Pick Up Lines For Her

If you want to live up to the mark of your girl’s expectations and couldn’t do it alone, we have your back. Here are some Cute Pick Up Lines For Her that can help you get you started with your dating game. You can use them diligently to bring her on board. Cute pick up lines and girls go hand in hand and so you need not fret about the consequence.

As the adage goes, “practice makes a man perfect”, you can achieve your love if you practice the art of delivering cute pick up lines on the go without hesitation. You can improve your approach and make it look appealing and confident to your girl only with good reciting.

I’m trying to think of something to say, but all I can think about is how cute you are.

Are your parent’s bakers? Because you are a cutie pie!

The lilies look pure and beautiful, and so do you.

What’s your favorite drink? I’m asking so I know what to buy you when we go on our first date.

Forget hydrogen, you are the number one element in my life.

Excuse me, but I think you have something: my attention.

Why would I want to look at the stars when I can see the ones in your eyes all the time?

You look like you know how to have a good time! Been on any fun adventures lately?

You know, I had a pickup line ready to go, but you’re so hot it just left my mind.

Gazing into your eyes, I see a reflection of me in them.

Corny Pick Up Lines For Her

Not all women share similar interests, while few love cute and sweet stuff, few like corny and cheesy stuff. So, you have to be first aware of what your girl is really into and then determine the pick up line that you want to tell her. If she likes corny things, you can go ahead and use Corny Pick Up Lines For Her.

If you are searching for the right corny lines, scroll down our collection to find a myriad of pick up lines that you are engaging. Choose a pick up line from our collection that resembles her personality a lot and say it to her. She will be left mesmerized for sure.

If being beautiful was a crime, you’d be guilty as charged.

Did the sun come out, or did you just smile at me?

Are you a bank loan? Because you have my interest.

Is your name Ariel? Because you’re a mermaid to me.

I’m new in town. Could you give me directions to your apartment?

Did you go to bed early last night? Looks like you had your beauty sleep.

My mom told me not to talk to strangers online, but I’ll make an exception for you.

I would never play hide and seek with you because someone like you is impossible to find.

Do you have a mirror in your pocket? Because I can see myself in your future.

If I were to ask you out on a date, would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?

Pick Up Lines For Her Over Text

If you are not a social person and find it really hard to communicate with people, even with your love, you must consult our Pick Up Lines For Her Over Text instantly for help. You are in dire need of the pick up lines that can assist you in sending the love messages that are struck deep in your heart for years. 

These pick up lines are mainly meant for text and are a little lengthy. If you are struggling to spill the beans about your love to your girl, these pick up lines will be of great help to you. You need not do much, just choose a pick up line that echoes with your heartstrings and send it to her. She will treasure the message for life.

Send me a selfie so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas.

I envy your footwear. I want to be like them so I can be with you every step of the way.

I tried to send you something flirty, but I couldn’t fit in the text box.

I bet you smiled when you saw my name pop up on your phone just now.

My phone is in my hands, but I would rather be holding you.

I can’t see you right now, but I bet you look great.

I just accidentally walked into a pole because I was thoughtlessly staring and smiling at your text messages.

I had to remove my space bar so I could get closer to you.

I do not think much. I do not think often. But when I do think, I think of you.

Well, I texted you. What are your other two wishes?


In conclusion, we would want to say that pick up lines alone cannot fetch you a date and they are not the real deal. The real deal is to be genuine and confident in your approach so that the girl is obliged to be drawn to your charisma. Don’t try to be someone you are not. You will be loved at the right time by the right person. Just wait for that moment to show up in your life. Until then keep checking our Pick Up Lines For Women. You can become a pro at delivering pick up lines in no time with our assistance. Anyway, if you find our pick up lines assortment worthwhile, add our page – 99pickuplines.net to your favourites and keep coming back for more latest pick up lines.

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