How Many Times In Our Lifetime Do We Fall In Love?

Falling in love is a blissful experience for everyone. One should experience true love at least once in their lifetime, whether it stands the test of the time or fails is secondary. If you have fallen in love with someone or experienced a breakup and want to find out how many times in your lifetime do we fall in love, you are on the right trail. In this article, we are going to explore the number of times a person can fall in love, bringing in the science perspective as well. 

While some people think that love only happens once, others believe that love can happen any number of times. Many studies were conducted on this topic and concluded that a person can fall in love at least thrice. Yes, to everyone’s surprise, love only happens three times, and we are talking about genuine love here. Some people may confuse attraction or a crush with love, but we refer to unconditional love that knows no end. 

Falling in love and advancing in life with someone you love unconditionally is no less than an achievement. For a relationship to withstand all kinds of hardships is not easy. However, those who make the effort to nurture and strengthen their bond will get to witness and experience what true love exactly is. The three loves we are talking about happen at three different stages of life, and they leave not just scars but also lessons and knowledge to carry into the future. Well, without further ado, delve into the article and discover more about love. 

How many times in our lifetime do we fall in love?

After getting to know the number of times we fall in love in our lifetime, make sure to count and reflect on your own love stories. 

How Many Times In Our Lifetime Do We Fall In Love?
How Many Times In Our Lifetime Do We Fall In Love?

1. First Love 

First love is the one that often breaks your heart the most. It usually happens at a young age and seems unshakable. It creates the best memories during your youth, around your teenage years, and you leave no stone unturned to make it work. We tend to experience romantic feelings for the first time in our lifetime, and they are so intense that we carry them until our last breath. Innocence plays a key role in the first love, making it especially unique. 

As you experience everything for the first time in first love, from the first meeting to the first date to the first kiss, you usually carve those memories in your heart. Not just that, you get to learn a lot from the first love, and eventually, the first heartbreak. Also, we tend to idealize our first love and may never give the same kind of respect and love to another person who comes into our lives in the later stages of life. 

2. Second Love

Having learned lessons from your first-ever relationship, you become more cautious about your feelings for another person. In this stage of love, you will experience pain and witness lies and cheating. It gets hard on you over time, but still, you want to cling to it. You try your best to make the relationship work but fail to understand where it is going wrong. In this relationship, you are solely concerned about your partner, and the opinions of others don’t matter to you. 

In the second love, most people fail because their expectations don’t meet reality. You will learn how to love and what kind of love you want from your partner. Your emotional maturity increases, and you will become better as a person. If you believe that the relationship will not work in the long run, you decide to move on with no regrets. 

3. Third Love 

This is the love that will stay with you forever. While the first love and second love have taught you how not to love, this love will teach you how to love. With zero expectations, you get into a relationship and establish a connection for a lifetime. Though this love is complicated, you put in that extra effort to ease things. All the definitions and beliefs you have of love until now will be challenged. 

All your idealizations about your partner will go down the drain. You will learn that love is about giving and not taking. This is a pure form of love that will stay with you, and you cannot do without it. A love that persists despite disagreements, arguments, and differences. If you are at this stage of love, thank god that you are done with the lessons. 

Final Words

Not everyone experiences these three types of love in their lifetime. While few experience it, they fail to come to terms with it. If you want to sustain and grow in the relationship, you have to learn to care. Respect is yet another major factor that plays a key role in any relationship. More than love, people expect respect, and if you succeed in giving it, you are good to take the relationship further, maybe until the end. Appreciation is very important too. At the end of the day, no matter which stage of love you are in, you will learn something that you should remember until you reach your grave. 

We hope you uncovered the three stages of love and identified the stage you are in with the help of this article. Fret not if love has happened to you only once. Just feel lucky that you don’t have to experience the heartbreak again and again. Well, if you like the information curated on this page, please appreciate our efforts by bookmarking our website – Stay tuned as we come up with more interesting love topics in the future.

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